NLP, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Coaching

Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.
— Milton Erickson

What is Coaching?

My approach to coaching is to:

  • Identify an area of our life we want to make changes to;

  • Identify a clear achievable goal;

  • Learn and implement new skills to achieve our goal.

Our minds are often very busy with thoughts about past, present and future. Anxieties, worries, self doubt, unhelpful thoughts and a negative internal dialogue can swirl around our minds almost every minute of the day. It is rare we find the time to stop and think about the way we think. I believe that finding ways to calm our mental noise can have life changing effects.

I use mindfulness and hypnosis to teach relaxation techniques that work specifically for you. We will look at the specific negative thought patterns that get in our way and develop a more helpful internal dialogue. Finally, we look at ways to organise and motivate ourselves to achieve our goals and make these changes sustainable into the future.

Areas of interest

  • Anxiety

  • Relaxation - calming the mind and learning to live in the moment

  • Self confidence

What tools do I use?

  • NLP Master Practitioner - Paul Mckenna Training with Richard Bandler 2007

  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy - London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) 2009

  • Mindfulness Certificate - Lorraine Millard Training 2014

  • CBT - Foundation CBT certificate - SBS Training (BPS accredited course) 2018